Thomas (Founder) and Peter (Instructor) from Tommy Tsunami Surf School
Thomas (left) & Peter (right) Lundgard: Founders & Instructors

about us

Tommy Tsunami Surf School introduces surfers of all ages and levels to the sport and spirit of surfing in an energetic and positive environment. With top instructors and bountiful surf lesson options, learn to surf with the best surf school in Half Moon Bay.

Captivated by the ocean at a young age, Thomas and Peter Lundgard founded Tommy Tsunami Surfing School in 2018 to share their love for the ocean, teaching surf lessons, and passion for a sport that others will enjoy for the rest of their life. Gratitude is given to mother nature for building 12 years off surfing experience and giving them the opportunity to travel and surf some of the best surf spots in the world.

At Tommy Tsunami Surf School we teach that surfing is not just a sport, but a remedy for life. It is a way to relieve your stress and forget about your worries, spiritual awakening or meditating, keeping balance, staying healthy, and enjoy the sunset as dolphins pass by.

Whether your goal is to learn to surf, or take advanced surf lessons, Tommy Tsunami Surf School in Half Moon Bay promises an unforgettable experience!  

Thomas and Peter surfing around the world, including Mavericks, the famous big wave spot in Half Moon Bay, and Pipeline, another world class wave located on North Shore Oahu.